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Therapy, empathy & tools for self-help.

Nonjudgmental therapists with excellent listening skills that will ensure you felt heard

We teach you to help yourself

Empathetic Listening

Just being seen and heard helps. What you say helps us understand the key blocks that you face.

Deep Understanding

We’re in the same community, and can relate to most situations, like a friend can.

Removing Roadblocks

We combine skills with a framework that helps clients express, and answer, big questions.

Tailored Follow-up

After teaching you powerful skills we’re committed to following up, and checking on your progress.

Therapy patient

Your obstacles will become manageable

You’ll feel more optimistic again and more in control of your life.


Say goodbye to obstacles and chaos
  • You find out you're not alone

  • You discover...

  • You have a guide to show you the way

Learn Self Management Tools
  • You're provided tools...

  • You learn how to use the tools

  • The tools can be customized for your specific needs

Get Ongoing Coaching for the Journey
  • It takes time, and we're prepared for that

  • We're ready to help, whenever additional support is desired

  • It's amazing what continuous improvement can do

Teachable Moments staff

We’re from the same community!

We are not better than our clients, we are our clients! We identify with your experiences. It’s why we care so much. It’s also how we know we can help.

Andrea, Carin, Syreeta, Ashley, Melody & Ahjanae

How it Works

Step 1

We make sure our client feels seen and heard.

Step 2

We focus on identifying what change you want to see, now!

Step 3

We help you make decisions, and find solutions for change.

Step 4

We focus on your whole self, including goals and language used to live them.

"Therapy doesn’t have to be depressing. Yes, it can be hard at times, but fun too!"

It’s about learning to really live, not just exist. It's how we work too!

Family therapy clients

What's Happening Now

What They Say...

Today’s session freed me from a part of my life that had me in a chokehold for so long. Thank you.”

— Recent client

I can say what I'm feeling versus what I'm thinking so I can finally communicate to my boyfriend what I need from him. It has saved our relationship.”

— Recent client

We aren't getting a divorce anymore, we actually see each other again and can say that we like each other”

— Recent client

Empathetic therapist

Why wait?

You can start making a big change today.

Please call for quick help. Someone is almost always immediately available.

Or call now 757 535 9080

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